Correct or Not to Correct (by Chrystal)

Correct or Not to Correct (by Chrystal)

Correct or Not to Correct

Last Sunday’s message was based on the scripture from 1 Samuel 2:12, 2:22, and Luke 15 that reminded us of the important role God has trusted us with as parents and how we lead our children in the love of Christ.

We read and learned the consequences of Eli’s lack of parenting as he focused on being a provider, not teaching his family. Eli thought his sons would somehow “just get it,” but he was blinded by his professional success and missed the opportunity to correct his sons when they were doing wrong. As a consequence, the sons never changed, and the father eventually lost his position.

Reading the history of the parable of the lost son, we see the reaction a father had towards his son turning from wrongdoings and face the consequences of his choices. We learned that the father was waiting for his son to return, and he notices his son coming back from far. The father was filled with compassion and instantly forgave him.

Questions to self-evaluate our role as parents or caregivers:

  • Are we walking in the role that God expects us to walk in as fathers?
  • Are you failing as a father but succeeding as a provider?
  • How can we do better or adjust where we are?

We are reminded that it is a privilege to be a parent or a caregiver, and it comes with great responsibility. To better understand our mandate and role, it is important to remember to renew our minds in the Word of God and to repent when we fail.

A far-off place for kids today could look like distractions from this world, the trap of social media or not meeting a parent or caretaker’s expectations.

There are severe consequences for not walking in our role as parents. We are to affirm our children when they do right and rebuke in love.

Our children belong to Yeshua first. Let’s make the Father proud and fulfill the role and mandate He trusted us with as parents.


– Chrystal, June 22, 2021


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