Again, What Do You Believe? (by Stephanie)

Again, What Do You Believe? (by Stephanie)

Again, What Do You Believe?

Last weekend, Pastor Jonathan started the service by reminding us of the importance of being assertive in our faith when it comes to the holiday celebrations of the world. For many of us, our family members are – or choose to remain – ignorant of the true pagan origins of celebrations such as Christmas. 

As Christians, refusing to take part in some of those traditions can quickly become a source of conflict. If we remember who and whose we are, and we recognize that the birth of Christ is meant to be a daily occasion to rejoice, it’s easier to enjoy time spent with our loved ones, while drawing a clear line where and when needed.

We also talked about our theme this year: What do you believe?

Through different examples in the bible, we saw that our choices and actions directly result from our beliefs. In Galatians 6, Paul reminds us that believing we are something we are not is deception. Instead, without comparing ourselves to others but rather to the word of God, we should re-evaluate our actions, attitudes, and behaviours to improve based on an accurate picture of our beliefs.

Essentially, we shouldn’t deceive ourselves; maintaining a corrupt belief system will lead us to make corrupt choices and actions.

A corrupt belief system is not based on the truth of the Word of God. It is influenced by the values of the world we live in, and essentially, our corrupt and deceptive picture of ourselves. How can someone make wise decisions with such an unfocused and polluted mindset?

Once again, the sermon brought me to a place of reflection, and I asked myself, “What do I believe?” This time, I decided that I would not just look at what goes on in my mind. As we are only a few days from a new year, many of us are reflecting on what the year 2021 has been for us and already working to make sure that we end the year well and start the new one even better. 

I am now re-evaluating my choices and actions for this year, as Paul suggested. I am scrutinizing them, as they are the accurate picture of my beliefs. This way, I can realign myself in all areas to ensure that I walk as a true reflection of what God expects me to be.

– Stephanie, December 22, 2021


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