2022: Warriors Unleashed! (by Lisa)

2022: Warriors Unleashed! (by Lisa)

2022: Warriors Unleashed!

During the last service, we had a delightful overview of the blessed gift of our saviour Yeshua through songs and Scriptures, reviewing the beautiful miracle of His birth, the painful hours of His crucifixion, and the marvellous Victory of His resurrection. It was beautiful to hear the story through the mouths of His creation of various ages, styles, and backgrounds! I enjoyed pausing and taking the time to reflect on the foundation of my faith and how grandiose is the gift of our blessed Saviour as we began the year together.

Pastor Vickylextar then excitingly shared the year’s theme with us: Equipping God’s army to possess the nations – Enlarging our tents/territories.

So. Much. Excitement!!

I am excited for my life to be at His disposal for the sole purpose of others, their wellbeing, and reconciliation with our Creator. The past few years have indeed been years of learning how to shed the excess weight I was carrying: bad habits, fleshiness, self-centeredness, envy, religiosity… I had to shed a lot of things that kept me nearsighted and ineffective for His Kingdom of God. I am very thankful, and as I am still exercising these muscles daily to keep the ‘weight’ down, I am beyond excited to forge my vision and mind to be centred on what Christ desires for others, not focusing on me anymore.

Being God’s Warriors

What a privilege it is to be a soldier in God’s army! To be efficient, though, I know the utmost importance of destroying the flesh completely, rendering it silent, so His light in me and my true self in Him can shine in this dark world; for me, it starts with preventing my emotions to be my guide. Pastor Vickylextar explained how soldiers in training first need to be stripped of everything that makes them civilians; that is, in our case, to stop thinking humanistically and make our bodies/flesh slaves, as previously taught in another message. It will require commitment, consistency, discipline, and constant renewing of my mind to ensure that my flesh does not have a say over my thoughts, attitude, behaviours, and words anymore. And I am ready to do it, in His strength!

I am ready and excited to discover what role I play in God’s army; I am ready to make God proud and let go of all the junk entangling me; none of it is more precious than what I have in Christ. I know that our Father craves for all His creation to be redeemed by His Love and for all to know of His peace, unending hope, and amazing grace. I am ready to do my part and train my body, soul, and mind to be an effective warrior for the Kingdom of God; it is a gift He is extending to me, and I am saying yes– are you?

2022 – Warriors Unleashed!!

– Lisa, January 5, 2022


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