Trust and Obey (by Nadeige)

Trust and Obey (by Nadeige)

Trust and Obey 

Last Sunday’s message we were reminded of the importance to trust and obey God.

Last year, there was an instance where I didn’t trust and obey. I chose to hold on to unforgiveness, pride and self. I realize now how easy God made it for me to be healed if only I had trusted and obeyed His leading. Afterwards, I wish I had listened to Him instead of listening to my own foolish and selfish thoughts. He still chose to help me overcome that stubborn mindset. He put loving people around me to walk with me and help me realize how to overcome pride. Now my heart is open and wants His ways. I want to forever remember this moment as a reminder to trust God, trust His heart for me and to obey quickly, it’s much easier.

I am still learning and growing in His love. It’s never too late, God is always ready to help us no matter how hard the situation is. I am so grateful that He is a compassionate and gracious God.

– Nadeige, January 19, 2022


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