Valuing What I Have in My Hands (by Genevive)

Valuing What I Have in My Hands (by Genevive)

Valuing What I Have in My Hands

I have had a yo-yo year. At times I felt like things were good when they really weren’t. Life was falling apart and I didn’t even see it. My heart was broken into so many pieces and I had to choose; it was a matter of life and death. I could dwell in my circumstances or choose life and allow Abba Father to heal and restore me. I felt like a complete failure, disappointing those around me and most of all, disappointing God. I felt like I wasn’t good enough to be called to serve Him.

What does it mean to choose life and do circumstances define who I am?

A man is facing three closed gray doors and a question mark drawn above his head indicates his hesitation to choose. Decision, Choose Life, Career, Path, Door

It’s amazing to know the truth when it is constantly fed by great shepherds who will call me out when I’m off track, and yet, remind me of who I am and the value of what I have in my hands. Pastor Jonathan reminded me that we all play a special role in the body of Christ. As young as Moses’s little sister Miriam was, she played such an important role in making sure that Moses landed in the right hands where his own mother could play a key role in his life.

Sunday’s service made me realize this:

I should trust in the process, never underestimating the value of what God has placed in my hands. Whatever role I have been called to play is important because of The One who called me.

My circumstances don’t define who I am, rather, it’s what I believe. I choose to renew my mind and arise in Him, knowing that if I trust in the process and allow God room to work in me, He will surely make use of all that I avail to Him. What I have is significant, it’s precious and it’s valuable and I choose to use it all to serve Him for His glory.


– Genevive, November 4, 2021


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