Complete Healing

Complete Healing

Complete Healing 

Sunday’s service wasn’t a conventional service. It was a moving one during which people shared their different experiences since they had fully committed their lives to being transformed by the Lord. ‘’Complete Healing”  was fully demonstrated by various persons.

What stood out for me were the messages on rejection. Everyone faces rejection in one form or the other at some point in their lives. I’ve found myself being rejected by people, schools, and organizations but I learnt that in every situation I’m supposed to remember that I’m chosen by the Lord and accepted by Him. I need to make a conscious decision to believe in the Lord and follow His voice, complete healing is always available to me.

Women alone, facing rejection, but with God, complete Healing is part of our journey

In difficult seasons, we might feel like we can’t feel the Lord’s presence and we’re all alone, and we might also find ourselves questioning the reason for our challenges and experiences. It’s important that in all this we surrender everything to the Lord in prayer because He guarantees us that he has plans to prosper us and give us hope and healing.

 Chiraene, July 22, 2022


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