Beware of Miscommunication (by Sydney)

Beware of Miscommunication (by Sydney)

beware of Miscommunication

The message, as told Sunday, was to be aware of how destructive miscommunication can be. We need to make sure we always gain enough context before ever judging or speaking on a matter.
Many people can try to skew situations or issues to suit to view they want to present or their ego, and it can cause problems in relationships. This can also happen when someone disregards the other point of view in any situation; they now lack 50% of the information and cannot empathize with the other party. We must hold tight to our patience, love, and care and use them when we come across any troubling situation or any opportunity for miscommunication, and remember to gain context before ever passing judgement. 
Matthew 7:1 was given as the scripture often quoted out of context or bent to fit others’ preconceptions or views of situations. This also happens with many scriptures, which shows the importance of reading the whole chapter to gain context and reflect on the scripture within its context and how it is meant to be used. This is an excellent reminder that to honour God, we must not judge and walk in the Word.  We must cast aside any personal feelings when giving advice as well since that can also cloud judgement. Our guidance is the Word, and our advice should align with it accordingly. When advising using the Word, we are responsible for making sure we use it within its context.
To be pillars, we are responsible for avoiding all wrongful judgement. We must clear the logs from our eyes and hold ourselves accountable first. We cannot preach what we do not practice. We are called to examine ourselves and take the logs from our own eyes before we look at the speck in our brother’s eye.
 I have taken this message to examine myself daily and hold myself accountable to be the best representation of my values. To take a moment and avoid passing judgement, making sure I obtain the full context of situations I hear about before judging per the Word.

– Sydney, September 13, 2021


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