Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Having a Faith That Works Through Love

In this message, Pastor Vickylextar reminds us to work out our faith in love.

Using Galatians 5 as her main point of reference, we are encouraged to love one another deeply as Christ loved us! Christ died so that we may be free; therefore, we should use our freedom to serve one another in love.

True Christianity is a love call rather than a religious walk. When we veer away from His love and focus on the Law, we are actually cutting ourselves off from grace, but when we open our hearts and share the Fruit of the Spirit, we allow our freedom to bring healing to others while showing them the true love of Christ.  

This teaching challenges us to open our hearts and begin to see the value that God has placed in us to love others more deeply and receive the wonderful glory of God.

Watch this incredible service as we learn the importance of setting our hearts on Christ, in God’s Word in truth, and of allowing it to transform us into His image.


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