Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday, May 31, 2020

How to replace Fear with Peace

This week, we are moving in the 4th week of our series on fear, learning how to make sure it does not control our life. We have learned before that God is always there to help us, regardless of what we go through. He knows what tomorrow holds. If that is the case, do we need to focus on Him and on what the bible says?  Find out in this video.

We are learning this week that we can allow fear to not only keeps our walls up but also keeps God and people out. This has consequences, like keeping our hurt, and the offence we’ve taken from others inside to fester. God stands at the door of your heart, knocking; He wants to come in and dine with you. Will you let Him in to heal, to restore and bring you peace amid your worries and insecurities?  

Do you love [God] enough to say: “No matter what I like and how I do things, if it’s not aligned with Your Word [the Bible], I will change it”? – Pr. Vickylextar Sowah

This week message elaborates on God’s supernatural peace and God’s perfect love. It also speaks on how we can cheat ourselves from His supernatural peace and how we can allow His peace and love within our walls.

Be Blessed!


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