Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday, June 7, 2020

In All Things, Give Thanks!

In today’s message, we were encouraged to give thanks, not FOR everything, but IN everything, which is a command from God. Does it mean everything is always A-OK?

The problem may not necessarily change but our attitude changing makes it easier for us to deal with the battles of life. – Pr. Jonathan Sowah

Giving thanks in everything means that through the fire, we must remember that God is with us, and we should draw strength from Him. We do that when we change our perspective from the issue to the things we can be thankful for – there is always something. We must walk through life, knowing that everything is a PRIVILEGE and not an entitlement. When we develop the attitude of thankfulness to God, our relationships with other people are better. No matter how hard things get, we should remember that God has been so incredibly good to us!

Listen to this message to find out how you can develop an attitude of gratefulness despite trying times, and practice this throughout the week!

Be Blessed!


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