Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Let Christ be the Head of your Life

In this weeks’ message we are encouraged to stay connected to the Head, which is Christ. When Christ is the head of each of our lives, we as a body move together in unity and the head determines how the body moves. When we are submitted to the leadership of Christ and not our emotions, we are able to open are hearts and let go of anything that weight us down. We know that Christ is perfect and when He is our head we are made perfect too.

We also learned that as a body, we have different spiritual gifts but no one gift is better than the other. Each gift is used for the body, to serve. We were reminded that it is not about us it is about the body as whole. Above the spiritual gifts there is a more excellent way, love, and when we walk in love we forget our childish ways of comparing gifts or trying to use them for self-gratification; but through love we remember the body to and serve one another.

Watch this incredible service as we learn to walk in the perfect love and unity that God has called us for! This week, as we apply it, we will make Him our head, and He will leads us to overcome all aspects of life!


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