Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Running the Race of Faith (pt. 2): Is Your Faith Based on Endurance or is it Based on Convenience?

Today we talked about faith and the presence of God in our daily lives. We discussed how faith is the substance of things hoped for and questioned what our faith is based on. We also discussed the fact that we each have our own race to run, so we should make sure that our eyes are solely focused on Christ, what He has done and all that He has delivered us from. Is your faith and trust in God only based on what is convenient for us? What are the things that stop you from being who Christ wants you to be?

Listen to this message to find out how to practically acknowledge the presence of God inside of you, Its power and Its presence in our daily lives, while letting go of all the weight rendering our thoughts and existence heavy. Be reminded of the value He gave us as His redeemed children. He is our prince of peace and we are His joy!


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