Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Don’t allow your fears to become your reality. 

This week, we’re revisiting the story of Job, and how his fears affected his reality. Job went from sacrificing out of faith and love to sacrificing in fear of losing what he had. Why did his fears become real? How was the enemy able to take everything away from him? So many questions arise as we go through his journey.

We have the power to cause good and bad things to happen in our lives. It’s during our trials that we see if we truly trust God or not. It is easier to praise God when all is going well. When Paul was encouraging the Philippian church to rejoice, he was in prison. Can we rejoice when we lose everything like Job did? Can we rejoice during a global Pandemic? We can rejoice in hard times when we walk in truth with God, and we know He’s with us!

God’s love for us is greater than His hate for sin. God flows through you as you help other people; as you do, He also takes care of your issues. – Pr. Vickylextar Sowah

Watch this message to find out what Job did wrong and why he repented in the end. Find out more about fear and faith and how each one can cause things to happen in our lives. Discover what happens when we let things become more important than God to us!


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