Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday, June 20, 2021


This Sunday, as we celebrated Father’s Day, Pastor David Menyah shared a powerful message on fatherhood. He reminded us that fatherhood goes beyond having biological children and that all men have a role to play as mentors and be role models for the younger generation. With all that young people are being confronted with today, men were implored to rise to be vessels that God can use to make a meaningful difference. 

Using Biblical examples of Eli and the Prodigal Son’s father, we were reminded that rebuking our children in love and compassion can have immense impacts that can lead to total restoration. We were also shown the detrimental outcomes of what can happen when we fail to correct our children adequately. 

As you watch this sermon, may you be empowered to live an exemplary life that will inspire those around you to walk in God’s love and reach out and ask for support during your own times of need.


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