Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Let’s Talk about Healing: things that help or block your healing

This week, we are at the beginning of our Healing series that will last until the end of July. We will prepare ourselves throughout the month to be able not only to receive healing from God, but also to sustain it!

The first crucial element of healing is faith. We were reminded of the paralyzed man and his four friends in Luke 5:17. They had so much faith in Christ’s ability to do miracles that they carried the paralyzed man through the roof to see Christ. We discovered that many things could prevent us from receiving the healing God has given us. Guilt, pride and the inability to accept God’s love and forgiveness are primary examples. Making excuses for our behaviours or situations is a sign of failure to receive what God has for us.

When we humble ourselves to God’s love and to His way of doing things, we can receive all He has already made available for us. He has made it clear in His word that He wishes that we prosper (healed, emotionally and mentally healthy) as our soul prosper. The only way we can achieve such prosperity is by opening our hearts to receive His love through Christ.

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