Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Live What You Believe

In today’s service, we continued to reinforce the importance of our beliefs and their impact on us. Pastor Vickylextar taught us that we always need to double-check the origins of our beliefs. Are they founded in Christ? Are our actions a reflection of the beliefs we have? If we call ourselves Christians, we should be living a Christ-like life. 

Pastor Vickylextar reminded us that we need to make sure our hearts have not been hardened and that we are rooted and rising in what God says instead of basing our beliefs on human-made quotes. God assures us that He loves us, He can be in control, and He will be there with us through it all. But as we were reminded today, we have our part to play as well; we have the choice to let Him take the reigns of our life and trust in Him wholeheartedly.


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