Sunday, December 27, 2020

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Walk in God’s Perfect Love

Today is the last Sunday of 2020! Pastor Vickylextar continued on this year’s theme: “We are more than conquerors.” Pastor reassured us that despite the challenges, God is still with us. Even when we are waiting on something, we know that he is still God, and we love him. We trust him and hold on to his love. We must learn to love each other as much as God loves us.

As Christians, our job is to reflect the image of God. The more we help others in truth, this is how we win the Christian race. When the greater one lives in you, what can the weaker one does to you? We are not trying to reach God. He sought us. God has a plan for us, and he is interested in redeeming us unto himself, not giving consequences.

In closing, we were encouraged to make Christ our standard. We should not compare ourselves to others; Christ is our standard for living.

Reflections questions:
· What impact did you have on those who crossed your path this year?
· Are you at peace with all people?
· Are you at peace with those who have stepped on your toes?

Watch this incredible service as we learn the importance of Walking in God’s Perfect Love.


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