Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Healing Service

* Important Note:

Due to the delicate nature of certain topics discussed, this sermon is not available online. Please contact us to get more information on healing.

Today was our Testimony and Healing Service! Through phenomenal testimonies, we’ve learned about the importance of faithfully listening to God and daring to believe Him, His Word and His ability to make us whole in every way. We discussed how critical it is to be restored in Christ in order to benefit from healing. No matter what God’s promise of healing is, we need to do our part, be it to forgive, be consistent or receiving the help from those that God has placed around us.

We also had an incredibly informative Meet & Greet session where our Pastor answered a series of real-life, practical questions that were submitted this week.

Is there anything in your heart that is blocking your healing? Will you activate your faith to receive what God has for you? Do you have questions on this topic? 

Contact us for any questions and listen to our other sermons!


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